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Spawned from the cold heartless winters of Maine, USA. Gerard Vachon, 25 years old, started his musical pursuit focusing on guitar for the first 7 years, writing, performing, and filling in to several bands over the years.

At the age of 19, he wrote and recorded a solo record with Colin Conway (Cannae, All That Remains, Death Ray Vision) on drums and Madison Roseberry (Within The Ruins, The Breathing Process, Vallon) taking up the low end. Unable to hire a vocalist after writing lyrics for the record, he decided to take the responsibility for himself after having been a background vocalist for years.

After having done several YouTube covers, Gerard partnered with Lauren Babic (Red Handed Denial) and released the widely popular and well received cover of "Mikasa" by Veil of Maya, his focus has since shifted towards vocals. Having never thought of himself as a vocalist, he has been dedicating countless hours to focus on perfecting his craft to become one of the greats, unlike that Ryan Strain guy 😉 (jk, huge fan, I think you're lit af fam)

He is currently performing in Caricature with Joseph Spiller (System Divide, The Binary Code) as a guitarist/backup vocalist and working on several guest appearances from bands all over the world and solidifying his place as a vocalist in the metal scene.

(Also, he's jacked and mega sexy)

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