Nicolas Fedrigotti


About me

born in 1981 in the shallow woods of lower austria ... or something like that. however - music was my first love (yes, just like in this one song I do not know the title now), saxophone it was to be precise. a white saxophone that I'v seen on a TV-show at the age of 5. so I started playing that thing about one year and many recorder-lessons later. but it wasn't white at all. well.

since then I always spent every spare minute with making music. saxophone, then guitar (age of 13 ... you know, grunge, rock, etc. was somehow "cooler" than good old jazz tunes).

I always played in bands. most of them far beyound fame or any kind of popularity. but at least recognized somehow. e.g. "PBH club" having some records out, playing many shows in Austria and neighboring countries and also signing a (***drrrrrrrrrrrumrolll***) contract with a major label.

In this band I also switched to bass guitar by accident - in the truest sense of the word - as the former bass player broke his shoulder the night before a longer lasting release tour. hooray. had to learn playing all the songs on bass instead on saxophone overnight. that must have been in 2005 or something. it was fun. so i stayed there.

to keep it short ...
my last "live band station" playing bass guitar until today was "Rammelhof" (check it out on youtube ... cool stuff).

thanks to C4TM for asking to provide some low-grow for one of their songs!!!


C4TM Songs

Sense Of Burden