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About me

Representing the great state of Washington, USA, 27 year old singer, Ryan Strain, has been an aspiring vocalist and song-writer in the metal scene for the past 8 years. Known mostly for his vocal covers on Youtube, Ryan has also contributed vocals for a few various projects, including his two-man duo with friend and brother-in-law Brandon McKagan entitled Sea of Trees, Czech Republic band Recode The Subliminal, and Argentinian band Plaguestorm.

Ryan has built a reputation on his ability to use his voice in almost any manner he sees fit with a full repertoire of vocal styles ranging from Death Metal, Melodic Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Power Metal, Rock, and even Gospel and Pop. Due to various life events and struggles, Ryan's dream to be an established studio vocalist has gotten off to a very slow start, but with the help and support of his loving fans, his dream is now closer than ever to being realized.

I am...I mean, HE...is also a Jedi.

Having a big wiener
Having a big nose

C4TM Songs

Silent Song

Sense Of Burden