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You want to be part of the chaos?

Any kind of creative input is welcome! One of the main goals of our concept is to encourage people to engage with our work.

  • You want to do a song with us?
  • You want us to feature your C4TM-cover or playthrough video?
  • You think the photo you made, fits the mood of one of our songs?
  • You want to send us your song idea so we can work on it together?

Great! Just download all necessary files (you can find the tabs, instrumental version, no-drums version etc. on the song detail pages) and use the contact form to get in touch with us!


Typical project process

To give you a feelig about process, this is how we usually approach:

We are writing and recording the basic structure of the songs, except for the parts of contributing musicians. This means in general, that we create pre-productions of songs, send them to artists, who want to work with us and finish the songs with their input. To ensure the best possible audio engineering quality, we keep the editing, mixing and mastering in our hands, or better, in Norberts magic fingers.

  1. Basic song structure and PrePro - Most of the time prepros are recorded in songwriting mood (that means drunk^^) and get re-recorded later.
  2. Working with other musicians - We send the PrePro and a welcome video (again… in songwriting mood) and hope to receive an answer 😛
  3. Recording drums/guitars and reworking FX - After consulting with our fellow musician we record everything in best quality and rework FX etc.
  4. Edit, mix, master - Audio engineering comes in hand and we work out a final mix.
  5. Release Song - Yay!
  6. Release content - Playthrough videos, trivia, additional files, tabs....
  7. Party Hard!!!

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