The Last Goodbye

François, C4TM Team

The Last Goodbye

François Bertrand

Vocals (all)

François is a Canadian musician/producer/video producer. He is 22 years old and has been playing guitar for 9 years. Franc is part of many projects/bands such as Endvade.

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The Last Goodbye



We are a team of musicians - consisting of Norbert Leitner, Martin Lucny and Martin Prohaska - that loves to write songs, to produce them and work with other artists/musicians. 

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"You've had your chance and it has gone to waste"


Indecisive people
They're such a pain in the ass
A simple answer
How hard can it be?
(Yes!) I'd gladly love to
(No!) Oh, I'd rather not
You see? I mean, ain't hard, if you ask me.

Ok, let's just assume,
You really don't know what to do.
Then, speak your fucking mind!
Don't lead me on and waste my time!

Be honest and sincere
There is nothing that's for you to fear

Here's to nothing
You're to blame
You've had your chance and it has gone to waste
Here's to nothing you've ever done for me
You won't hear the last goodbye

I've made
Up my
No more standing by
I choose to act.

If you won't change, then I will.
One chance is all you'll get.
So hesitate and you're off my list!

Oh, what's that? You're getting off your
Ass? Too bad. I won't stand for your shit.
I don't care, you were way too late
This was your last
This was your last mistake
One too many
This life is better off without you
Nobody needs you to fuck things up

No answers are making
Me wait and I'm going
Where I want to be

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Lyrics by Nino Juric